3 signs of an unhealthy feeling

Bad relationships, in which there was a place for loud quarrels, cheating, absurdity or distrust, sometimes leave unpleasant consequences in the form of a loving psychosis. How to understand that your feeling is unhealthy, and you need the help of a professional?

Love is like an accidental death

Love is often compared to a mental illness. If love is happy, there is nothing wrong with it. But when it turns into a bitter disappointment, a person is likely to be “stuck” in love psychosis. Treason is especially hard to deal with. Psychologists explain it by the fact that the experience of betrayal in itself – quite strong stress, but if it concerns love – it is a double blow under the breath.  And the unfortunate lover, who built air locks and believed that the other half will live long, happy, and die in one day, it can lead to serious psychological problems.


Quite often love psychosis suffers from people whose relationship has a place for abuse. A person who suffers from abuse realizes that his partner is bad to him, but for some reason does not break off the relationship.

Childhood traumas

Another cause of love psychosis is childhood trauma. It would seem that people love each other, they have a respectful relationship, but one of the partners still lives in stress. He constantly thinks about where his beloved or loved one is right now, whether something bad has happened to him, whether he is cheating. More often than not, this indicates that the family between his parents had a difficult relationship, and one of them was constantly worried about the other. The child grows up with this anxiety, projecting the relationship of parents on their personal.

Boys aren’t crying

Despite the fact that women are much more prone to love psychosis, men experience it much more strongly. The fact is, women are more adaptive to stressful situations. If unhappy love happens, there are always friends with whom this situation can be discussed. This way, they can more easily get out of a traumatic relationship. A man is unlikely to share his love drama, because for historical and cultural reasons for the stronger sex it is unfortunately still considered shameful. Men carry a spiritual pain in themselves, and for them unhappy love often ends in psychiatry or other serious illnesses. That is why it is so important to find the problem in time and get professional help.

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