5 Important Rules you should Remember if you Dance a Striptease in a Cam Chat

If you want to please a man, it is quite enough to dance an erotic private dance. Yes, men get excited when a woman dances a striptease for them. It is one of the best ways to start your virtual sex or make men want you. But to succeed in dancing, you should know some rules that will help you make your dance more seductive, attractive, and professional.

  1. Smoothness but not complexity of movements is welcomed

It is not necessary to add complex movements to your dance. Men do not distinguish bad and good dancers. Every woman who dances a private dance turns on a man. And it doesn’t matter whether she has learned to do it for several years or she’s just an amateur. Thus, you should not try to impress a man with complex movements. Give your preference to simple but smooth and erotic movements, self-caresses, etc. This will create a more powerful effect than a complicated striptease that lacks sexy nature and emotions.

  1. Time is money

If you dance a striptease in a private video chat room where every minute is paid by tokens, then, the longer your dance is, the more main you earn. That is why you should try to move as long as you can. Do not try to make your dance brief. Both users will benefit from this. Your client will fully enjoy your body and observe every part of it, and you’ll gain more money.

  1. No need to put off clothes from the first seconds of a striptease

Firstly, this is your profit. Thus, do not hurry up to get undressed. Secondly, a man should have time to imagine something and develop his fantasy. Thus, while you move in some clothes, he can create certain dreams in his mind. This stirs up his interest. While you dance in clothes, a man desires to see what will happen next.

  1. Put off clothes set by step

No need to put off all the clothes at once. It is necessary to stretch a pleasant moment and let a man enjoy a naked part of the body. Usually, women start from the top and go to the bottom. If you dance in underwear, first, you should put off a bra and then underpants. If there are other clothes on you, then first, you should put off this clothing item and dance for a while in lingerie.

  1. Do not stop immediately as you get naked

You should continue your dance as all your clothes are put off. Do not stop it as you’re naked. You should turn around and show your naked body from all sides, touching your buttocks and boobs. This will emphasize the most erogenous parts of your body. Let a man fully enjoy your dance and let him guide the further process. Ask him what to do next.

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