5 rules that are worth remembering before writing to the former

In the age of information technology, communication has acquired an element of the game. When you sit face to face with the computer, it’s not uncommon to have different thoughts in your head, and we begin to think: maybe write to the person with whom so many pleasant memories are associated?

So why sometimes it is better not to go back to the past?

  1. Keep your emotions alive

Perhaps you do not miss a person, but the emotions that you felt while communicating with him and the state of love. In this case, most likely, you will want to feel happy again for a few minutes. If you write a message and do not experience the old feelings, then you will be disappointed. So think carefully about whether you need to do this before you come up with a reason to communicate.

  1. Do not give a former excuse for joy

Imagine that you sent a flaming speech with a declaration of love and apologies for all your actions. If you are not answered, your ego may suffer, and then you risk getting depressed. But the self-esteem of your ex-boyfriend will certainly increase, because if you write to him, not him to you, then there is no doubt – he is perfect, and you still dream to be near him.

  1. Take it as a rule: it is necessary to say all the most important things in person.

If you think that the relationship can be returned, it is unlikely to help you soulless sesemesca. It is better to talk to your former lover at-a-tete. Still, it is unlikely that you will be able to convey your lover’s look, even with smileys. The chance that he will be interested in the words written by you in an impulse of feelings is very small. But the guarantees that he will be able to resist your female charm are much less.

  1. Remember: the first step should be taken by a man

Even if you are very proactive, you should not write to your beloved first. It is better to wait for some time. Maybe, he himself will not stand separation from you and will call. It’s another matter if you are the culprit of the spat, but, really, even in this case, it is better not to rush to apologize, but to calmly assess the situation. Maybe it’s for the best that everything happened this way?

  1. Remember why you broke up

If you broke up a relationship, it means something definitely went wrong. Were you hurt or betrayed, or were you rarely given gifts and compliments? Or maybe he is just lazy or miserable?

Even if you didn’t initiate the breakup, think carefully, maybe you also had a reason to end the relationship.

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