6 signs that will Help Reveal a Liar on a Cam Chat

Dating on cam chats is an easy way to find interesting interlocutors, a beloved, or a soul mate. However, no one can guarantee that interlocutors are honest towards each other. The only con of dating on online video chats is disability to verify the accuracy of information. Thus, the only thing that remains for interlocutors is to believe each other. If you suspect your interlocutor of telling lies, use can try to use one or several below-mentioned techniques. The following verbal and non-verbal signals tell about lying.

  1. Take a closer look at an interlocutor’s gestures. Often, cheating is accompanied by an uncontrolled desire to cover your mouth with hands and stop yourself. An interlocutor touches the lips, closes and even purse hid/her lips, which denotes that not everything is true.
  2. Reservations are a clear sign of lying. They show excitement and do not always speak directly about lies. However, when there are too many reservations, the excitement becomes a side effect of the lie.
  3. Pauses in a conversation can be signs of manipulation but often they denote cheating. Making pauses while answering questions, even the simplest ones, demonstrate that a person is trying to find words, come up with something new. For those who tell the truth, such pauses are useless.
  4. You ask a question and your interlocutor on a cam chat answers by repeating the same words. Such behavior serves as an attempt to win a few minutes to come up with a legend or find an excuse.
  5. A look can tell a lot and betray a liar. Rushing eyes denote an active brain function but this is not a sign of deception. An interlocutor may be nervous, for example, when answering exam questions. If you asked something simple or commonplace, and your interlocutor suddenly got nervous, then he/she can deceive you.
  6. Your interlocutor does not blink and stares at you. It means that he/she is trying to understand whether you believe his/her lie and watch your reaction to his/her words.

When studying the theory of body language and applying it in practice, it is important to remember that all gestures, words, and movements should be analyzed in a complex. Not every face touching means a lie. Perhaps, your interlocutor just wants to rub his/her nose. Thus, be patient and master your skills on random video chats where you can analyze the behavior of many random users. And do not make conclusions without arguments.

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