eDarling review

The eDarling dating site is a free service to find partners to make friends, have fun together or start a family. The site is regularly visited by over 13 million people. The number of registered users is increasing daily. Partners are selected according to the interests indicated at registration, which allows you to immediately find people with similar goals and priorities.

While registering, there is a function of establishing the location of the city and country. It is also possible to specify a search range that can be increased or decreased as needed.

Main sections of the website

The eDarling service has a simple and clear interface. There are only a few main sections on the site:

  • “Messages”. List of dialogues with other users.
  • “Candidates”. The system automatically selects participants with similar interests. The list is updated daily.
  • Visitors”. People who have visited the page.

The service also provides the opportunity to enjoy additional benefits of the system by subscribing to it. Payment is made via bank card, QIWI payment terminal or PayPal. There are 3 tariffs in total, each of which differs in validity period.

Registration on eDarling website allows users to make a full psychological portrait. You will spend about half an hour on the process of creating a questionnaire. A participant needs to answer a large list of questions that reflect their interests and character. In the future, it allows the service to select people with similar goals and preferences.

It is recommended to take the registration seriously.

Immediately after registration, you will be taken to the Darling home page, where a list of candidates for dating will be created.

Convenience and design

The service has a simple and clear interface. There is nothing superfluous about the menu. The main sections are for dating. You can always change your personal data, interests and preferences in the “My Account” tab. This will also change the recommended dating partners.

The main advantage of the dating service is quality registration. In the process of creating a questionnaire user answers many questions that are processed by the system and create a general psychological portrait of the person. The result is that the candidates are people by coincidence of characters. This is a great help when getting to know each other and allows avoiding unnecessary dialogues.

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