How do you tell a guy that we’re breaking up?

Act with the former noble so as not to make an enemy.

Not all relationships end with the wedding and birth of children, now you know it. After all, now you decided to tell him about your desire to part. Before you start this unpleasant conversation, read this article, perhaps our advice will help you not to break wood and not to make a new enemy in the face of the former.

You shouldn’t hurt him

Try not to use short and rough phrases so as not to arouse offense and aggression in the young person. Do not write a message in the spirit: “We are breaking up! Do not write to me anymore!” It is better to talk about relationships calmly and sincerely, so as not to part with enemies. Even if he did something ugly and deserves contempt, just let go with a calm heart. Who knows, maybe your paths will cross in 5-10 years, and you will find something useful for each other.

If you already like another one, you don’t have to tell your ex-boyfriend about it. It will cause irritation, no more. Also do not lie about the fact that he is too good and without you he will probably be better. He won’t be. At least in the first months.

Why is a message better than a personal meeting?

A young person, no matter how strong and enduring he may seem, may not be able to cope with the inflated emotions. And these emotions are not always safe. Someone will not hold back a tear, and someone will experience an attack of uncontrolled aggression. It is impossible to predict exactly how your young man will behave in such a situation.

Take a walk in the park

If you think about reporting the breakup in person, choose a place where there will not be many people near you. Perhaps your conversation will be too loud, emotional. You should not do this in plain sight. The best option is to make an appointment in the park and talk about everything face to face. During the conversation, it is undesirable to drink alcohol to “reduce stress”, otherwise your separation may end in reconciliation with the subsequent disappointment in the morning.

Do not show pity!

Many guys, learning about your desire to break up, will try to hold on to the relationship in any way, just not to feel like a loser. They will start asking for another chance, they will promise that they will change. In such situations, psychologists advise you to be firm and not to give in to pity. As practice shows, the “second chances” usually do not lead to anything, you both will just waste time and nerves.

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