How to say “no” to a guy

Every day we girls have to solve dozens of problems, but there are three questions to which we almost never know the right answer: “What should I wear today?”, “What color should I paint my nails?” and “How should I cut off an annoying boyfriend?”. And if with the first two we’re grieving in half, but we’re coping with it, the decision of the third involves a whole commission of friends and, perhaps, mom.

First and foremost, if you realize you don’t like the guy, then don’t give him false hopes. Most problems start when a boyfriend thinks you gave him the green light. If you don’t act cold at first, flirt and make even very vague plans for the future, then most likely his spark can be extinguished before it burns into flames.

If you still can’t resist and flirt with the guy, or he continues to be persistent in spite of your coldness, then the following rules should be followed:

Refuse to meet

You don’t have to explain the reason why you can’t go on a date at all. Don’t say that maybe you’ll go to a cafe with him sometime later. It’s hope and promise in one bottle – it will never stop!

Don’t keep up the conversation

No, you don’t have to be quiet. But if you’re texting the Web, you can answer the guy dry, not ask him counter questions. If he’s not very interested in you, he’ll probably back off quickly.

If these tricks don’t work, you’re probably really into the guy’s heart, and he’s going to get you. And if his feelings are sincere and deep, it is very important to try not to hurt them.

So how do you say goodbye to a young man so that you don’t feel bad about hurting him?

Talk face to face

If a guy is not a stranger, it’s better to tell him about your feelings – or rather their absence – in person. Get your speech ready in advance. If you care about a person, then I advise you not to act so disrespectfully. You can part in a text message with someone with whom you do not have an emotional connection or a special story. The option with phone “blowing off” can also be considered in case if you may not have the courage to say “no” at the meeting.

Take the blame

He’s not the one who’s so bad, and he’s not the one who fits you. Tell him you’re not ready for a relationship yet. Out of possible excuse: you’re in love with someone else, you can’t forget your ex-boyfriend, you’re having a hard time breaking up your previous relationships and until you’re ready for new ones, you don’t have time for an affair at all.


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