How to understand whom you like more

When you’re just distracted by two guys, that’s one thing. But when it comes to a real relationship, it’s not that easy or fun to combine. You’re gonna have to choose.

It would seem like a problem: you like two guys at the same time, you know! It’s so much fun, isn’t it? But in fact, most of the time it’s quite the opposite: such love turmoil is more tiring than happy. So remember that the nerve cells are not restored and urgently proceed to active action: choose one of two.

His positive qualities

Take your time and watch both guys closely. To help you make a decision, answer the following questions:

Is he making you laugh? Laughter not only prolongs life, but also makes communication much easier: for example, a good joke will always help to reduce the degree during an argument. Therefore, having a sense of humor is an important criterion in a relationship.

Is he interested in what happens in other people? In other words, how selfish and narcissistic is he? Believe me, no matter how strong your love is, listening to a guy’s monologues about himself around the clock is a dubious pleasure.

How emotionally open is he? Guys don’t cry – we’re sure, so we don’t usually expect a lot of emotion from them. But some emotions must still be present! When a guy is able to show his emotions and show his feelings, it’s a sign of maturity and willingness to have a relationship of trust.

How does he flirt? Does he pay attention to the positive aspects of your character? Or does he only notice the attractive appearance? This is important because you get used to external beauty sooner or later, and mental beauty lives beyond time.

Is he ready to wait? A guy who’s in no hurry to win a girl inspires confidence. Of course, on the condition that he likes her after all. And the one who rushes you with the decision, does not do so from crazy love – he just is not used to wait, and will show the same impatience in everything.

Your feelings

Having all the positive qualities from the first point is excellent. But how does it feel to be around this perfect guy? Do you feel special? Do you feel like you want to get better for him? Are you in a hurry to meet him? Will you be able to live without him?

These questions are extremely important because there aren’t really too many guys who match the list of the first item. But the ones you feel on a non-verbal level as suitable for you are significantly fewer.


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