Things people lie about while using video chats

According to the statistics, every person who lives in one of the most well-developed commonwealths uses the internet at least one time per day. The main reason why innovative technologies are so significant for modern human beings is the fact that they allow users they help them reduce time on some routine activities. Moreover, the internet is also a marvelous way to relax because there are lots of online games and videos which everybody can watch for free.

One more reason why the internet is such a significant aspect of human beings’ subsistence is that this is the most enormous platform for those individuals who are suffering from a lack of interaction. In this case there are lots of websites developed for communication. The most popular online services are well-known as video chats. Their main feature is the opportunity to see your interlocutor during the conversation. However, even though a user can see another person’s appearance, some individuals are still lying about some facts about themselves on a video chat.


The most common lie is the weight. Recently some scientists have conducted a research and found out that every third female using an online platform in order to meet a partner for a long-distance relationship does not tell the truth about her real parameters. Most of women say that they weigh at least five or even ten kilograms less than they are in reality.

Personal preferences

One more thing both males and females lie about is their personal preferences. The main reason why individuals don’t want to tell other users about their favorite activities is the fact that they are eager to attract other people. However, such a lie can be quite harmful for the communication because if your interlocutor finds out the truth about your preferences, there is a high risk that he will start thinking that you are a lier. And as a result, he will decide to finish your interaction immediately.


There is also an enormous group of individuals who have no doubt that if they tell their interlocutor that they are younger or older, that person will have more intentions to communicate with them. However, such an attitude to this particular issue is completely wrong. In fact people will never decide to finish the conversation only because of their interlocutor’s age. So, you should never be afraid of your real age.

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