Ways to determine an intruder online

When was the last time a stranger decided to get along with you on the street? Nowadays, it’s even impossible to imagine such a situation. However, only in the second half of the previous century people used to meet new friends and even their lovers for a long-term relationship while going out.

But today everything has changed considerably. The main reason why it’s happened is the fact that the internet has been developed recently. For a modern generation it seems to be strange if a person doesn’t have a mobile phone or computer which is connected to the internet. In fact, the whole life of a contemporary teenager is inside his smartphone. There are millions of people who have already found their destiny online. Seeing that there is a huge demand for dating online software engineers develop new services specifically for such a purpose regularly. However, even though the most popular websites in this field are protected from scammers, there are still some terrible individuals who are aimed to insult other users or steal their personal information in order to begin blackmailing. Here are the most profitable ways to determine a hacker on a dating platform.

Gets too personal

The main thing a person who has only started to use services for dating online has to remember is that the first conversation with a stranger should be general. It means that you should never discuss any private topics with the person with whom you have never talked.

However, some hackers understanding that they don’t have much time start communicating on some intimate themes only after greeting. For example, they start asking to send the place where you live and do it on a sweet way. So, you begin to think that it’s only a general question. However, don’t make such a mistake and never answer such a request, especially if you have never interacted with this person before.

Asks for some photos

One more thing which you have to memorize is that if a person wants to start dating you for a long period of time, he will never ask you to send your intimate photos during your first conversation. That’s why if another user sends you such a request, you should finish your communication immediately because it can lead to some problems. Furthermore, after you send these intimate pictures, he will start texting you that he will send them to your friends and some members of your family.

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