What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Video Chat?

In today’s world, we cannot do anything without the Internet. The so-called virtual communication is becoming increasingly popular as well. More and more, people are registering on social networks and dating websites. Why do we so strive for communication on the Internet?  Does it help us to know each other better? Let’s have a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of communication in the web.

Users of the global network can communicate online almost from anywhere in the world. Internet users have many options for such interaction. They can choose whether to exchange text messages, have a voice chat, or even online video chat. This way of communication is very exciting for a person and can carry both a positive and negative influence on them.

Benefits of Online Video Chat

  • The opportunity to connect with anyone for communication. There is an opportunity to write a message, share your opinion, generally talk to people that live thousands of miles away from you. This allows you to increase the circle of communication.
  • The ability to break away from the bustle or, conversely, from boredom and get acquainted with dozens of interesting people.
  • It is not an expensive means of communication and can often be carried out for free. This is a very convenient option for family communication, online video chat with friends and colleagues who live far away from you.
  • It is possible to protect your personal data if necessary.
  • It increases self-confidence of people who are very shy and find it difficult to communicate with those they know little or do not know at all. The Internet provides useful resources to such people and helps them communicate and build trusting relationships with less stress.

Disadvantages of Online Chat Video            

  • Hidden identity – Anyone can communicate with another person online with fake personal information, either for pleasure or for hiding their real identity.
  • The use of slang words that allow a person to respond quickly to the one he is chatting with. For this, messages are shortened, and slang terms are invented. It sometimes happens that you start using slang vocabulary in real-life communication. And far from everyone understands such a jargon. The emerging slang phrases only clog up the language; therefore, it is advisable to reduce their usage.
  • Communication may not reflect the sincerity of a person. For example, when you are exchanging text messages, it is difficult for the interlocutor to understand your tone of voice and its emotional coloring. Of course, when interacting in video chat, the emotional state of a person can be observed. However, it is not always possible to see and feel what a person thinks about when you are far from them.


Thus, the Internet gives us many advantages, expanding limits of our communicating capacities and our circle of contacts. However, there is always the other side of the coin. Currently, the possibilities of the online communication have significantly expanded. With the Internet, you are not protected from scammers, people with the fake identity, and those who pursue their sordid motives.

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